Despair in the First Century

Razing of the Temple

What went wrong? What went right??? Picture yourself around 75 or 80CE. You are a Jewish person standing on the street, observing the remaining ruins of the Temple. You get a tear in your eye. You had such great hopes! Your parents had told you that a fellow named Yeshua had come some 50 years ago, with great promises of […]

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Encounter with a Real, Live Anti-missionary

First of all… there is something you should know about me. I am a shy person. Yes, I love to write. Yes, you’ve heard me on the radio every week on Tuesday nights for the past year-and-a-half. Nevertheless, the fact is… I’m a shy guy. I hate confrontation. Just the thought of direct conflict makes me queasy. The only sort […]

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View from the Mishkan – 11/10/2015

The View from the Mishkan

Son of David, Have Mercy! Part 2 Mattityahu 9:27-32 tells a story about a couple of blind men who called out for help. Find out why they thought that was a reasonable thing to do, and what they expected to happen. This episode contains a lot of review, talking about solid Bible study approaches. We’ll finish up this story in […]

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Hebrews–The End of Judaism?

I apologize if I seem to be redundant in my presentation of the current state of Hebrews studies. My original intention was to identify some whys and wherefores, and then jump right into the text. However, I keep coming across these amazing statements by previous authors–statements that reflect gross misunderstanding of the material, and which can only arise through the […]

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Press Release for “Ephesians”

EPHESIANS The View from the Mishkan by David Negley Publication Date: February 2014 Trade Paperback; 108 pages; ISBN: 9781493162215 Trade Hardback; 108 pages; ISBN: 9781493162222 e-book; ISBN: 9781493162239 What it means to be “One New Man” New book explores the role of Gentiles in the Messianic Jewish community   Germantown, Maryland – David Negley has been an Elder at a […]

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Introduction to Messianic Midrash

At the time of this writing, I am currently teaching through the letter to the Hebrews for an organization called the “Coalition for Torah Observant Messianic Congregations” (CTOMC). Each Wednesday night at 8:00 Eastern Time, we spend about 90 minutes talking about the theme and literary style of this very important letter. As I prepared for teaching through this letter, […]

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Introducing Our Newest Series

Our Next “Big Thing”— Sefer Ivrim (The Book of Hebrews) If you have been following the Mishkan David for any amount of time, you will have noticed that we focus largely on teaching the significance of controversial Biblical texts from a Messianic Perspective. We have articles on gnosticism, supercessionism, historical perspective, rabbinic midrash, and other foundational assumptions that affect how […]

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Let Me Tell You a Story….


For those who are familiar with the Mishkan David, you are probably well aware that our articles tend to be brief comments on either the philosophy of Biblical interpretation, or treatments of texts that have apologetic value. Some time back, we ran a series of pieces on controversial Pauline passages that are often misinterpreted to make Rabbi Sha’ul appear to […]

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