Let Me Tell You a Story….


For those who are familiar with the Mishkan David, you are probably well aware that our articles tend to be brief comments on either the philosophy of Biblical interpretation, or treatments of texts that have apologetic value. Some time back, we ran a series of pieces on controversial Pauline passages that are often misinterpreted to make Rabbi Sha’ul appear to […]

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Press Release for “Ephesians”

EPHESIANS The View from the Mishkan by David Negley Publication Date: February 2014 Trade Paperback; 108 pages; ISBN: 9781493162215 Trade Hardback; 108 pages; ISBN: 9781493162222 e-book; ISBN: 9781493162239 What it means to be “One New Man” New book explores the role of Gentiles in the Messianic Jewish community   Germantown, Maryland – David Negley has been an Elder at a […]

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