Labels versus Reality

Introduction A reader recently took issue with something we said in the article, “We Are Israel—Really?“. It bothered him that I said Gentiles need to spend concerted effort to assimilate into the Jewish people, rather than simply declaring him/her-self to “be Israel” by fiat decree. In the discussion following that article, he raised several issues that I found required more […]

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Transitioning into Messianic Judaism

That's a Great Question!

Someone recently posted a paragraph on a Facebook group where I serve as an administrator. This individual was asking questions about Messianic Judaism vis-à-vis Christianity. In responding to these questions, it occurred to me that there might be other readers of the Mishkan David who are also asking these same burning questions. So, it seemed like a good idea to […]

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Press Release for “Ephesians”

EPHESIANS The View from the Mishkan by David Negley Publication Date: February 2014 Trade Paperback; 108 pages; ISBN: 9781493162215 Trade Hardback; 108 pages; ISBN: 9781493162222 e-book; ISBN: 9781493162239 What it means to be “One New Man” New book explores the role of Gentiles in the Messianic Jewish community   Germantown, Maryland – David Negley has been an Elder at a […]

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The Dilution of Messianic Judaism, Part 3

Weakening MJ by Removing Gentile Input So far, we have seen that the Messianic community, as a whole, has traveled through three or four main topics of conversation since reaching a significant core mass in the 1970’s. We started as a missionary movement to the Jewish community. That led to the development of Messianic shuls. The existence of MJ shuls […]

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The Dilution of Messianic Judaism, Part 2

In our last article, we started surveying a bit of Messianic history. We have had three discernible phases of discussion since the early 1970’s. Christian Mission to the Jews Bringing Jews into the Gentile churches. Messianic Synagogues Creating a home for Messianic believers in a Jewish-friendly setting. Gentiles in Jewish-friendly space Now that the Christian missionaries have generated some amount […]

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The Dilution of Messianic Judaism, Part 1

When I started in the Messianic Movement over 30 years ago, everyone knew what we were signing up for—Jewish Evangelism. The Messianic Movement was understood to be the culmination of Christian missionary agencies to the Jewish people. Regardless of whether you were affiliated with the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations (UMJC), the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA), or even […]

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