Despair in the First Century

Razing of the Temple

What went wrong? What went right??? Picture yourself around 75 or 80CE. You are a Jewish person standing on the street, observing the remaining ruins of the Temple. You get a tear in your eye. You had such great hopes! Your parents had told you that a fellow named Yeshua had come some 50 years ago, with great promises of […]

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Encounter with a Real, Live Anti-missionary

First of all… there is something you should know about me. I am a shy person. Yes, I love to write. Yes, you’ve heard me on the radio every week on Tuesday nights for the past year-and-a-half. Nevertheless, the fact is… I’m a shy guy. I hate confrontation. Just the thought of direct conflict makes me queasy. The only sort […]

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View from the Mishkan – 06/14/2016

The View from the Mishkan
Radio program, “The View from the Mishkan”, hosted by David Negley.

“Anti-missionaries and Other Detractors”

This week, we talk about some interactions we’ve had around the Mishkan, including how to understand the writings or Rav Sha’ul and a response to anti-missionary arguments. Exciting stuff, to be sure.

Tune in to learn more, here on… “The View from the Mishkan”!


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View from the Mishkan – 05/31/2016

Radio program, “The View from the Mishkan“, hosted by David Negley. Don’t Let the Demons Get You! What gets the Mishkan hot under the collar? Find out on this episode! Starting out with a stern exhortation to learn the context of Scripture, we turn to Yeshua’s defense against accusations of being in cahoots with the Adversary. Fascinating topics, and sure […]

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View from the Mishkan – 05/24/2016

Radio program, “The View from the Mishkan“, hosted by David Negley. This week, we take a look at “Cyrus Hamashiach”! How can a Persian king be called “the Anointed One of Hashem”? And how can Mattityahu take a passage about Cyrus the Persian, and claim it is about Yeshua? Fascinating topics, to be sure, when we cover them from… “The […]

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Transitioning into Messianic Judaism

That's a Great Question!

Someone recently posted a paragraph on a Facebook group where I serve as an administrator. This individual was asking questions about Messianic Judaism vis-à-vis Christianity. In responding to these questions, it occurred to me that there might be other readers of the Mishkan David who are also asking these same burning questions. So, it seemed like a good idea to […]

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