CARM Nazis Strike Again

I’ve mentioned CARM in a previous post. The so-called “Christian Apologetic Research Ministry” runs a set of forums, with a different forum dedicated to each religious group they have chosen to single out for abuse. One of those forums is named “Messianic Judaism”. But I warn you, don’t go there expecting to get real information about Messianic topics. The people who own and manage CARM have no use for the Truth. They only consider their day successful if they have managed to provoke and challenge every belief that does not match their view to the letter.

Once again, I had a post of mine modified by the moderator, and received a minor penalty. As a result, I submitted a request for fair and balanced moderation, hoping to see the other person in the dialog receive similar treatment. Instead of responding appropriately (and I do consider, “We choose not to do what you ask,” to be an “appropriate” response) the moderator chose to simply smack me down with an infraction.

What I sent to the moderator (Mod16) for the Messianic forum included:

But if you are going to delete me pointing out childish behavior in (deleted user name), then it is only appropriate that you delete her childish comments.

TRY to be fair and even-handed, if you please.

So, instead of fair treatment, what I got was the irony of being punished for daring to request equitable moderation.

You have received an infraction at Christian Discussion Forums – CARM.

Reason: Grievance violation, Neg. Comments to Admin/Moderator Actions on Forums, Email, Pm, posting grievances to management/moderators on forums, results in immediate Suspension.
You may not use alert reports to complain about moderation–see rules 2 & 5.

There is only one reason I put up with the mean-spirited attacks on CARM—the opportunity to help and encourage some poor soul who might go to CARM looking for real information about Messianic Judaism. Otherwise, I would consider the CARM forums completely useless and a waste of my time.

I strongly discourage anyone who cares about truth from going there. All you will get is a one-sided perspective from a narrow slice of modern evangelicalism, and abuse if you dare step out of line.


Mishkan David

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  • Norman

    CARM is moderated by unassailable egotistical ignoramuses. Like most Christians, they are ignorant of theology, philosophy and critical thinking and who will ban you as soon as you DARE to do anything short of praising them for their mercy and grace. If you DARE to question them and their self-inflating jack-booted authoritarian attitude, you are instantly banned from the board. Yet if some moronic cultist calls you a liar and insults the blood of Christ, they are free to go on their blasphemous way without so much as an infraction. CARM mods are indeed NAZIS. Go there and see for yourself.

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