Invitation to Pesach

Pesach—A View from the Mishkan

It has long been recognized that, for many, the Festivals of Leviticus 23 were the portal that brought them into the Messianic community. For Gentiles, there is an exotic, other-worldly aspect to the celebrations that captures the heart and the imagination. For Jews, there is often a renewal and a sense of spirituality that they believed to have been missing from the festivals when they were growing up. For both, the recognition that Messiah’s execution is likened to the slaughter of the original Passover lamb brings a blend of awe, mystery, revelation, and continuity with the ongoing plan of Hashem.

At the Mishkan David, we have long believed that part of our vision is to provide informational material that highlights the blended nature of the Messianic community, allowing both Jews and Gentiles to work together as one in our pursuit of furthering the Messianic Kingdom. Since the Passover celebration is one of the key events of the year, for both traditional Jews and for Messianics, it has been our desire to eventually prepare some thoughts on this very important time. This year, while we are reading the story of deliverance in the annual Torah reading cycle, the time seems right to begin this project.

It’s never too early to start meditating on the meaning of Pesach! There is a great deal to be said about Passover, and the Mishkan David wants to help you begin preparing for this very important festival. Part of what we hope to communicate over the next few months is that Passover is not something you can fully grasp by reading a Bible story, watching a Charlton Heston movie, and picking up a how-to guide a week in advance. Passover carries with it a culture, a mindset, and world view all its own, and we need to immerse ourselves in all these elements in order to get the most out of our Passover celebration.

So, we extend an invitation to you this year. Join us as we meditate on the elements of the Passover festival. Start early preparing yourself to be in the mindset of personally experiencing the deliverance from slavery and bondage. That way, you’ll be ready to understand the evening the way it was meant to be experienced.

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